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Describing Data Science

Data Science is the art of turning data into actions. This is accomplished through the creation of data products, which provide actionable information without exposing decision makers to the underlying data or analytics (e.g., buy/sell strategies for financial instruments, a set of actions to improve product yield, or steps to improve product marketing). Performing Data […]

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Data to Analytics to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An organisation’s most valuable resource is not data but the ‘critical thinking’ ability to make the most from the existing data. Several organisations are using data-driven analytics to transform their business operations. With analytics being the cornerstone of AI, organisations are extensively using predictive modelling-based AI technologies such as machine learning (ML) and deep learning […]

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Big Data and Analytics: How is it Impacting an Organisation’s Business Functions?

Organisations are looking to transform their business functions – sales, marketing, finance, and customer service by leveraging big data and analytics. Sales: Most organisations are in the process of digitalising and optimising their sales operations by empowering sales executives with access to data such as business transaction history, revenue, inventory, receivables, etc. This is enabling the sales team to understand their […]

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How Organisations are using Data to Drive Digital Transformation

With the volume, variety, and velocity at which the data is growing, it is becoming common that organisations are finding it extremely difficult to store, compute, or analyse this data for timely and accurate decisions through conventional IT landscape. To address this problem of data explosion, organisations are increasingly leveraging Big Data and Analytics. Data […]

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