Our main focus is on providing Organizations data-driven decision-making eco-system and digital transformation

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KashSam Data Solutions Private Limited is to make Data Driven Technologies more accessible to all kind of Businesses


To enable Business entities through our Products and Services, to produce, use, and en-Cash Data resulting in strengthening one’s Business and Data to create Network Effects


Drive Digital Transformation for Organizations by coalescing data and knowledge to meet the purposes of operational excellence, process improvements, and enhanced customer experience

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Data Challenges

Within every business, data can be harvested. But most of the organizations, especially MSME, SME, and SOHO, have only used its data in a few Business Intelligence reports. Some do not even capture the business data appropriately. Most MSME/SME firms can't afford consulting, deploying, and employing analytics technologies. Organizations can't adopt it because of

via our Industry Specific


All in one Data Platform

BI,ETL using SQL & Python, Big-Data using spark, Data science, ML automation, DQ, MDM and governance

Powered by Cloud

Built using native Cloud tech for streamlined integration, robust security and scalability

100% server Less

No VM to manage. Scales to 1000s of concurrent users on demand and drops back to zero consumption when no demand.

KPI Catalog & Community

Industry/ Function Business use cases catalog with ROI and other Business benefits. Community to connect and hire experts - Technical, Business

Unlimited licenses

No user based Licenses. Usage charges through organization instance provisioning


Role based access to the same platform , Users. Access with Cognito and MFA enabled, Data encryption, All data stays within client’s network
Our Products

Value Proposition

Data Analytics Platform

  • Cover all data needs
  • Scale based on concurrent logins.
  • No license-based user limits
  • Bring all stakeholders
  • Browser-friendly
  • APIs for native cloud integration
  • Upgradeable without pushing updates to hundreds of laptops
  • It can be managed with minimal training.

SVG Icon Social Media Analytics

Our SaaS platform provides a user friendly solution to democratize and accelerate data driven business & marketing strategies through Digital channels. It gives to our users, real time insights and data monitoring from Social Analytics, Consumer tendencies/interests, Influence dedicated module and geo business intelligence in an all in one purpose.

IoT Solutions

The IoT Solution will leverage the Analytics Platform and collect data through industry-specific devices for decision-making and device control. Like a Control Centre for monitoring and controlling electricity through substations or water supply in a particular area.

Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solution provider through R & M AG, for high-end communication networks. We offer a wide range of Products for various Industries in the area of Local Area Network, Data Centres and Public Networks
Digital Transformation

Expanding your Success
Digitalization & Data Solutions.

Current Technology Landscape, Gap Analysis, Proposed Landscape, ROI and Cash Generation Understanding existing technology adoptiong Gap
End to End Product, Systems/Application Implementation, Cloud Implementation, ITIL/ISO Standards Alignments, Project Management Prepare, Plan, Design,
Data/Digital/IT Strategy, End to End Data Architectural Design, Solution Design, Landscape Design, Security Design, Cloud Architectural
Cloud Managed Services we provide scalable and affordable, Infrastructure, Software and Platform Management Services which includes

Resulting in

Process Efficiency

Through - Current technology landscape analysis, Gap identification, proposed landscape for improved efficiencies with ROI. Minimum cost saving of around 10%-12% ensured. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction ensured.

Customer Experience

Through - Platform Strategy that suits "Personalized Needs" of individual Customer by empowering them to conduct their Business the way they want or fulfill their requirements. An upside of minimum 15% - 20% of Overall Business ensured. It can be a 10x growth formula for certain business

Data Analytics

Through - Data Strategy, end to end data architectural design, solution design, security framework and analytics environment for data based decision making. This can ensure 10%-12% increase in profits and 8% - 10% reduction in cost.
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