The powerful library for server state management in React

A powerful library for server state management in React – React Query React does not provide a direct way to fetch and update data from the components. This results in developers building their own ways and means to fetch and update data. The most common way around this is to use component-based states in combination with react hooks or using state management libraries to store and provide asynchronous data throughout their app.The issue presented with this approach is very evident while handling server state and a few of them are listed below: 1. Caching needs to be implemented from ground up 2. Deduping multiple requests for the same data into a single request. 3. Performance optimizations like pagination and lazy loading. 4. Garbage collection and memory management react Query places itself as the best react library for server state management by providing us so many options out-of-the-box, with zero configuration hassle and multiple customization options for every use case.This helps 1. remove many lines of complicated code from your application and replace with just a handful of lines of React Query logic. 2. Make your application more maintainable and easier to build new features 3. Have a direct impact on your end-users by making your application feel faster and more responsive. 4. Save on bandwidth and increase memory performance.React query has further expanded its compatibility across other frameworks like solid, Vue, and Svelte under the umbrella of tan stack query

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