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UX/UI Designer

Who can perform following

  • Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers
  • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps
  • Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets
  • Build page navigation buttons and search fields
  • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like
  • Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches and tables)
  • Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders
  • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness)
  • Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback
  • Adhere to style standards on fonts, colors and images

Product Owner

As part of their role on a product team, a Product Owner should have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with prospective users and clients to understand and anticipate their needs and translate them into product requirements
  • Defining the vision for the team’s product
  • Creating a product road map based on this vision
  • Managing the product backlog and prioritizing them based on changing requirements
  • Overseeing all stages of product creation including design and development
  • Developing user stories
  • Monitoring and evaluating product progress at each stage of the process
  • Liaising with the product team and end-users to deliver updates
  • Participating in Scrum meetings and product sprints

Sr. Data Engineer

Responsibilities Includes

  • Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress
  • Managing available resources such as hardware, data, and personnel so that deadlines are met
  • Analyzing the ML algorithms that could be used to solve a given problem and ranking them by their success probability
  • Exploring and visualizing data to gain an understanding of it, then identifying differences in data distribution that could affect performance when deploying the model in the real world
  • Verifying data quality, and/or ensuring it via data cleaning
  • Supervising the data acquisition process if more data is needed
  • Finding available datasets online that could be used for training
  • Defining validation strategies
  • Defining the preprocessing or feature engineering to be done on a given dataset
  • Defining data augmentation pipelines
  • Training models and tuning their hyperparameters
  • Analyzing the errors of the model and designing strategies to overcome them
  • Deploying models to production

Data Scientist

Capable of executing the following

  • Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources
  • Removing corrupted data and fixing coding errors and related problems
  • Developing and maintaining databases, data systems – reorganizing data in a readable format 
  • Performing analysis to assess quality and meaning of data
  • Filter Data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify and correct code problems
  • Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets that could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction
  • Assigning numerical value to essential business functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time.
  • Analyzing local, national, and global trends that impact both the organization and the industry
  • Preparing reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data
  • Working with programmers, engineers, and management heads to identify process improvement opportunities, propose system modifications, and devise data governance strategies. 
  • Preparing final analysis reports for the stakeholders to understand the data-analysis steps, enabling them to take important decisions based on various facts and trends. 

Data Architect

Capable of executing the following:

  • Design and implement effective database solutions and models to store and retrieve company data.
  • Examine and identify database structural necessities by evaluating client operations, applications, and programming.
  • Assess database implementation procedures to ensure they comply with internal and external regulations.
  • Install and organize information systems to guarantee company functionality.
  • Prepare accurate database design and architecture reports for management and executive teams.
  • Oversee the migration of data from legacy systems to new solutions.
  • Monitor the system performance by performing regular tests, troubleshooting, and integrating new features.
  • Recommend solutions to improve new and existing database systems.
  • Educate staff members through training and individual support.
  • Offer support by responding to system problems in a timely manner.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager one needs to

  • Planning and developing the project idea
  • Developing and leading the team of your dreams
  • Establish a deadline and monitor the progress of the project
  • Identify and resolve issues that arise
  • Managing your financial resources
  • Ensure Satisfaction with Stakeholders
  • Performance evaluation of the project

In the project manager’s role you need to take on the responsibility for a specific project or several projects for the Clients. You are also in-charge of planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting the project with the use of various project management methodologies. 

Technical Consultant - Business Central


  • Design, Configure, development, deployment, installation, support and new customization in Business Central with writing code in AL/C# programming using extension development.
  • Should have experience in building APIs for Integration and working through API Economy
  • Provides technical input in creating functional specifications when customizations or extensions to Microsoft Dynamics solutions are needed.
  • Understand customers' needs and collaborate with other consultants and support teams to complete design and testing documentation
  • Development of technical documents, custom reports, writing XML ports and queries.
  • Should have experience in development of customer support processes, technical planning, and work coordination.
  • Providing support and training when necessary.
  • Mentoring junior consultants, when needed. Understands customer needs.
  • Perform gap analysis between package functionality and customer requirements.
  • Should have excellent analytic, logical and programming skills.
  • Exposure to preparing code units and pages to be used as web service and exposure to be working with web service.
  • Should have minimum experience of around 3 years related to required skill set
  • Candidate should have knowledge of Manufacturing & Inventory Domain.


Must be BE and graduated from reputed University. Post graduation in Software development will be preferred. Must have worked on atleast on Implementation or one Support Project for Microsoft Business Central


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